60 Gallon Tank Pterophyllum Leopoldi Tank


I'm looking at getting some leopoldI angels for my 60 gallon tank.
The tank is 38" by 20" by 20"

The tank already has two 12 cm yoyo loaches (these are 3 years old and fully grown) and 8 black phantom tetras.
I want to add 6 or 8 LeopoldI angels to the tank (preferably 8) but wasn't too sure if 8 would be too many.

Let me know what you think? 6 or 8?


mbkemp has leopoldis in his community I believe .
Hopefully he can help you out .


I would not do more then 6. I started with 12 in a 60 gallon and that was ok when they were young. I am down to 6 now in the same 60. When they are in the pre spawn and spawning mindset that is too many. I am considering going to 4


You may find them as they mature to be a little aggresive with one another. Its a pretty common thing for angels to be a little 'nippy' with eachother when kept in groups.

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