Proud of my petsmart


Never thought I would say it, but I'm just a teensy bit proud of my petsmart. Went in today and immediately noticed that several of the female guppies had Ick. Mentioned it to the clerk, and it turns out they're already on top of treat it. And It wasn't a lot of ick, so I was impressed. Bravo petsmart!

Wish I had gotten that beautiful white/silver Betta a saw there...


Sounds like they might actually care about there animals. It's not often that you hear good things from a major pet retail store


That's great! We have a petsmart near (ish) us that is like that also.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy fish from them
(not with ich of course lol)

Wish I had gotten that beautiful white/silver Betta a saw there...



You're lucky. My local stores are awful. There was a petco that had a great fish manager, but he was promoted and now the department is run by a really odd kid who looks fresh out of high school and thinks that taking care of the fish includes feeding them giant handfuls of food and ignoring the ICH in their molly tank because it's too hard to get the fish out for treatment.


My local one had a squished fish on the floor most the tanks had dead fish in and the bettas where in a tiny tank two makes in it too!!


lol well its a brand new store. I'm trying not to be too impressed, but its hard. The petco in the opposite direction has done nothing to impress me, but I'm not overwhelmingly shocked by it either. I'm just starting to prefer petsmart.

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