Proud Cichlid Parent! Peanut Takes On The Big Girls And Wins!

  1. Platyarelife

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    I wish I had caught this in time to film it but I am sure there will be more to come. My youngest and smallest Cichlid is about the length of my pinkie finger maybe a tinnnnyyyy bit shorter. Her name is peanut. Her other Blue Zebra sisters fight over this rock (for territory) all the time and today Peanut joined the ring! Peanut is still a little thing compared to her experienced sisters.
    This little whipper snapper jumped right in and challenged Blueberry (whom is about the length of my pointer finger and much more meat on her and usually wins the disputes). Little Peanut dove right in, lips to lips, pushing back and forth, couple of light jabs and peanut came out Victorious!
    Little baby is growing up.

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  2. Makenna L

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    Way to go baby peanut!
  3. fir3bolt139

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