protein skimmer just exploded. Help

  1. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    Literally as i'm sitting here my V2 Skim protein skimmer suddenly just rushed and filled the cup up with water and threw it up out of the top.
    I've just unplugged it, cleaned the cup out (which was filling slowly before) and replugged it back in, the cup is now just filling up with clean water really really fast. What do i do?! Is it faulty?! do i take it back?!?

    Luckily i don't have any fish. But i'm worried for my little coral that's grown on my rock =[
  2. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    I need help with this fast guys D:

    I'm also going to text my LFS owner as to what to do. I've only had htis protein skimmer for about 1 month!!

  3. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    I don't know charzar-g.

    Maybe check if one of our salty members is on and PM one of them for advice. That's the best way for an emergency. I don't know anything about salty.
  4. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    okay, but thankyou for helping bump my thread iloveengl :)

    I also have a picture of the protein skimmer (not that that would help much, but might help people identify the type)


    Notice that the cup has filled with just clean water??
    It fills up really quickly. Like within five minutes the cup is full.

    I just don't want to loose my coral (even though its just one polyp). or my crabs and snails.

  5. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    *EDIT: I'm reading the manual whilst my dad is fiddling with nosels and dials. At least its not flowing onto the floor anymore, but the bubbles are going up and down and up and down!

    *EDIT2: I've had to turn it off. No idea whats wrong. And can't get to the LFS till sunday.
  6. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    Not sure what is going on I don't know anything about protein skimmers. Here are some ideas though, check and see what creates the bubbles in the protein skimmer ans make sure that is working right. Make sure nothing got plugged with sand or other debri from the tank. Looks like the skimmer is getting in more water than it should, perhaps a dial somewhere that reagulates that. Hope that helps some if not, hope you find the solution or get an exchange for another if it's faulty. Either way, good luck with it.
  7. ATP Well Known Member Member

    Is the skimmer in the pic plugged in? If it is, there's no bubbles. Check the airline pipe if it's in the water or not. If it is, it's suppose to be on the outside. If this is not the solution, re adjust the skimmer. It shouldn't affect your corals if either of the above happens. If the 2nd thing happens, it means that you're seriously super skimming and if the first thing happens, it means that you're not skimming anything.

  8. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    Oh sorry, i forgot to add that is is NOT plugged in in that picture, i'd just turned it off beforehand.
    What do you mean by super skimming? :/
  9. aquatic mouse Well Known Member Member

    Since you have the manual, can you call the manufacturer? Sorry, no idea what's wrong with it.
  10. kloseo Well Known Member Member

    what about adjusting the airline

  11. kloseo Well Known Member Member

    can you raise the cup so water fills slower
  12. ATP Well Known Member Member

    If there is bubbles in the skimmer chamber when it's plugged, just lower your skimmer settings. Super skimming is when you skim it so hard it fills ups one or twice a day. I did that when my tank was full of algae.
  13. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    no, there is bubbles when it is on, my dad was fiddling with it whilst it was out today, it its no longer overflowing like crazy, but the bubbles in the cone is still going up and down a lot. I'm going to the LFS tomorow to see what they say about it. Thanks for all the help guys :)
  14. ATP Well Known Member Member

    It's suppose to do that in the cone. Is the bubbles in the cone foamy? The cup is suppose to be filled every few days to a week.

    It should look like something like this
  15. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    yes it does look like that, but the bubbles don't stay at a constant level like that, they go up and down. and i don't think its QUITE as foamy as that.
    But since my early post its being at a more steady level. maybe it just had a random day.
    Also, do i want the bubbles near the top of the cone for dry skimming or the bottom? Because before it went weird, it was doing dry skimming, and now its doing wet. Infast as i'm sitting here right now, its sending loads of water back into the cup again.
  16. ATP Well Known Member Member

    It takes a while for it to adjust. Set the water level at the bottom of the cup. Meaning at the very top of the cylinder, but not at the cup. After about 5 minutes, if you don't see any foam at the tope of the cone, raise it a little bit. Than repeat the steps until the foam is at the top of the cone, but not overflowing too much. The video is really foamy because it's a big skimmer.

    The water level is where the small bubbles stop and the foam is not water level.
  17. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    Okay. I've just got back from the LFS and got MY FIRST FISH :}
    I'm very happy. I asked the LFS lady, and she said the skimmer may be going crazy because i didn't ACTUALLY have fish, and that its trying to skim nothing...
    So i got my first fish today, (and she gave me a free cleaner shrimp!) And i'll so how it goes :)
  18. Oil_Fan Well Known Member Member

    Is that a Coralife Super Skimmer? One thing you're suppose to do with those is restrict water flow for the first few days (maybe a week) until it breaks in. And yes, you actually need something to skim for it work.

    Also it's very sensitive to the water level.
  19. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    Its a V2Skim 400 protein skimmer :]
    I have my first fish in there now, and it seems to be doing a lot better! :)
  20. zeddy Member Member

    i just upgraded my skimmer and sold my old one to my sister-in-law, hoohed it up and it worked great since it was running on my tank for a year, then it did the same thing but water was hitting the cealing. and what happend was the out put hose going into the bubble defuser had too much presure and cuased it to backup into the cup