Protecting Led Light From Water Splashing

  1. kabellem

    kabellem Valued Member Member

    I have a Marineland 10 gallon that came as a kit. It has a hood with a spot for the LED light built in. I got it about 2 months ago, and after a month the LED quit working. Marineland was very good and sent me a replacement, it did take about a month to get it though. So I have noticed that the plastic protection for the light is not sealed and it also has two holes in it where water can bubble through. I have a bubbler placed where the water splashes up into the light housing and condensation also goes there. My question: Can I seal around the plastic housing/ the holes with silicone to prevent this? Do you foresee any problems? Also is the silicone from Home Depot OK? Here is a picture of the bottom side of the hood so you can hopefully see what I am talking about. 20170801_173617.jpg

    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    get a glass lid to protect it or try using a smaller air stone that may not splash as much