pros and cons of buying plants online

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    Cameron090601 New Member Member

    My lfs has bad quality plants with no names so i was wondering what the pros and cons of buying plants online were. like packaging liklihood of survival etc.
  2. AquaticBrandon

    AquaticBrandon Well Known Member Member

    If you're looking to buy plants online, I say buying them here on the forum is good. Many members sell different varieties of plants and sometimes sell big plant packages. The plants are a good price and shipping is good. I have boughten plants from eBay but some have arrived not healthy. I trust this forum way more than any other place to buy plants :)

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  3. Bluestreakfl

    Bluestreakfl Well Known Member Member is a forum sponsor and has a great variety of plants for sale, as well as really cheap shipping. Highly recommended. jetajockey runs the site and can probably answer any questions you might have. Dolfan also sells plants here on the forums.
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    Thetanknwebie Well Known Member Member

    I just bought a lot plants and a Mexican Crayfish for cheap on They haven't come in yet though since I ordered it yesterday. I will let you know how shipping went.