Proper way to dose Metroplex


Here's a dumb question for you all. Are fish supposed to be ingesting metroplex, or should it just be dissolved in the water? At first I was trying to get it to dissolve in the water, but then it struck me that they're supposed to eat it (considering one of the delivery mechanisms is to mix with food). So now I'm just dumping the dose of powder in directly at feeding time. [facepalm]


You can do either. It’s technically more effective to feed it to them, but if you do that you should add some of seachem’s focus to make sure that the meds stick to the food. If your fish don’t eat a lot then it can kinda be a pain to feed the meds to them as it’ll take forever to feed them the whole tablespoon of food (I believe that is how much is recommended to mix with the scoop of metroplex). Personally I’ve just put metroplex into the water a bunch of times and it’s worked fine for me (remember to remove any carbon), but I’ve only done it in smaller tanks so I don’t know how’d it work in a larger one. I’ve also done the thing where you put it in as you feed the fish ;)


There are several studies that have found metronidazole to be effective against ich and Costia when administered in the food but not the water.

I'm not at all confident that metronidazole is effective as a bath treatment.
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