Project Tank 40g Cover Solutions Needed How Do I

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by GirlFriday, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. GirlFridayValued MemberMember

    Howdy, All!
    First, appreciate this forum very much. TY!

    Stumbled upon a 40g pentagon tank with a stand for 50.00. I could not pass it up.
    I plan to scrape all the paint off the outside back, is was peeling badly and clean thoroughly with vinegar and water. (we have very hard water here and there are some deposits at the water line.)
    Then I am going to test for leaks. The previous owner is an experienced fish person and had applied silicone to front joints, but it has been sitting for a bit.
    If it leaks, I will attempt to fix it, and if I can't fix it, I am going to use it as an herb terrarium.

    This unit has a thin L aluminum molding that sits just at the corners of the widest part of the tank. It seems like the lid with handle fits in there quite snugly.
    He gave me a light but a( not sure if it goes with the tank, if I were to use it, it would be balanced on the edges. Seems a little riskly.
    If I turn the molding so L faces back of tank, you can rest the entire front of the light on it and the back corners fit snugly along the sidewalls.
    However, if you do that, the feeding lid has no center support, just the ends. It is plexiglass and seems a little bendy. I am clumsy and it WILL end up in the tank.

    My idea is to find a T shaped molding. That will hold the feeding door and the light in place. That just leaves a triangle at the back of the tank. This tank came with a under gravel filter that I am not sure I want to make use of. It is plastic and could be cut to shape easily.

    This tank will be in a bedroom, so I am not too concerned with the appearance of the top of the back.

    Any and all suggestions welcome. This is going to be a semi-planted tank near a window. Maybe it would be ok to leave the back part open?

    Thanks for reading. I have uploaded some pics.

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  2. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    sounds like a good idea. Good Luck!
  3. GirlFridayValued MemberMember

    TY for responding, I did not make it clear in my post I was looking for suggestions for lighting holders and I may be in the wrong spot with this post. About to go add water =)
  4. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    i like clip on lights for those types of tanks. What kind of lighting do you need? Maybe i could suggest a clip on lighting?
  5. GirlFridayValued MemberMember

    thanks! that's kinda the direction I am heading. Corner tank appears to be a bigger challenge than a rectangle.
    I am going to plant this tank.
    It's just a beater tank I can practice on til I get this right.

    Will LED lights and a window support plant growth? Window 1 gets a little morning sun, Window 2 gets full on Texas evening sun.

    And I found a leak so I will be practicing re-sealing. =) Better now than later.
  6. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    oh no! i hate leaks. i'm not really a good plant person but i have some low light plants and they do fine with my led's because there next to a window and get the morning sun. Good Luck!

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