Problems With Daphnia Culture


Hello folks!
Happy 4th of July!

I'm trying to get some help to get my daphnia culture going. I have watched videos and read threads online and they all agree that an air line without and air stone is recommended.
I have some peanut butter jars on a windowsill, no air line or nothing and they multiply a lot and fast. I also have a bucket with an airline and I keep putting daphnia from the jars in there, but they keep dying. I do the same for both cultures food and water change wise. The difference is that the jars get sunlight, but no air and the bucket is the opposite.

I feed them green water and yeast.

Any tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Honestly I have always just grown them in Mason jars or giant foodservice size pickle jars, outside, and for the most part neglected them other than adding some algae and water occasionally. The pond I get them from is about a foot deep...very small and has water that looks like pea soup...I figure if they can live in that they don't need any special treatment from me,

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