Problem with coconut cave

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    I have created some coconut caves topped with mosses 2 weeks ago. The way I prepared my coconut caves was after taking the meat out, I washed the shells extensively with tap water and boiled them for 2 days (they were boiled during the day and soaked in water at nights). Then I attached mosses with strings and mesh.

    But on one of the caves, I see the top where moss didn't fill up is turning black. It was bright brown before. Any ideas what it could be? Could it be fungus growing? or rotting? please let me know if there was any step I might have miissed...
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    I made some also. Gave up boiling the tannis out!!! I like the off colored water anyway.
    Mine are growing moss just fine and parts of them do turn problems from that and I haven't noticed any rot or anything....I'd say that you are ok....and the fish love them!!!