Problem With Bettas Torn Fins.

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Alright this is going to be a long post because there’s a whole story to tell . So I have had my betta for some time now (around 2 months) and everything is going well he eats good and is active. Sadly there is one problem, his torn fins. Some time ago I noticed they looked a bit torn I didn’t think much of it but through the coarse of time they became more and more torn. I started to get worried that he might have gotten fin rot, I immediately posted a picture of him here and asked if he had fin rot. Someone said that it looked like he indeed had fin rot, so that afternoon I immediately went to the pet store and got some aquarium salt. I started with adding the recommended salt to the aquarium everyday. That didn’t work so I started to give him salt baths, these didn’t work either so I gave up on the salt. After that I read that it took some time for a betta fish’s fins to heal so I decided to give him two weeks to see if he improved any. He didn’t but something did change, his fins did not become worse, even though his condition didn’t improve it also didn’t get worse. Still concerned I decided to go a step further and get medicine against fin rot. So I went to the store and bought it. The treatment took three days and I did exactly as what the prescription told me to do. After using the medicine and still seeing no improvement I thought of the possibility that it might not have been fin rot but torn fins. The only decorations my betta had where a castle and a betta log. Of coarse it wasn’t the betta log because it’s betta safe. So I started giving some thought about the castle. The castle had a lot of holes in them so when I got it I thought the holes where to small for my betta to fit in, yeah I turned out to be wrong, because he could squirm himself through a few of the bigger holes. The first time I was shocked to see it but later got used to it and didn’t think much of it. So after realising that it could’ve been my castle I got it out of the aquarium and started checking it. Then I realised it. The outside of the castle was smooth and not sharp but the inside of the castle was rough and sharp so that’s how he could’ve torn his fins. I didn’t put his castle back and decided to get a much safer ornament (that you can see in the new picture). After around two weeks of the aquarium without the castle I still couldn’t see any improvement on his fins, luckily it also didn’t get any worse. I decided to do some research and see if there’s anything else I could do. Someone said to clean the aquarium every day. So I started doing that. Everyday I cleaned 30-40% of the water. But after a few days I noticed black spots on the end of his tail and I knew it was fin rot so I stopped with the water changes and started doing the 3-day treatment. After that (today) I changed around 45% of the water (so a big water change). I still see no improvement in the regrow of his fins. I’m getting worried because I just want him to be healthy. Other then his torn fins he’s healthy (even made his first bubble nest recently). I hope one of you can explain to me how to cure him because I really want to. Btw in his new picture the water might look cloudy because it’s right after the big water change. Oh and sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes I’m a foreigner and still learning. Down below I have attached the picture of how he first looked (before the torn fins), the second and third picture are of him after I thought he might have gotten fin rot, and the fourth and fifth picture are of him now (one close up of him and one of his whole aquarium). If you have any questions please ask. Kind regards Mups.


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My betta started to get torn fins so I bought BettaFix by API and it started to heal it right up, my filter had been too strong and his front fins were becoming see through. So starting with the betta fix, it nearly cleared it up over the course of two to three weeks.
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Sorry for the late response I had to to sleep. Thank you so much for the advice! I’ll start using betta fix then. Hope it works!
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I personally am not a fan of Bettafix. It is said that it contains some kind of oil that can coat a beta's labyrinth organ (the organ that allows a betta to breath air from the surface) and make it difficult for the betta to breath. The very best cure for fin damage is pristine water. So I would recommend doing a 25% water change with Prime every other day until the fins heal.
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Try Stress Coat from API. I had a similar issue with my Betta. This, on top of keeping his water perfect, slowly healed him. I just do a 50% water change once per week and add Stress Coat back into the tank every water change.

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