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    looking for some help with a problem fish. i have a 180 gallon planted tank with 9 angels and 4 clown loaches, everyone gets along fine except for the rather large red tail shark. he likes to control the whole tank and seems to take charge of the tank.i dont know if getting another shark or some kind of fish to keep him occupied or find him a new home but the problem with that is my young nephew picked it out some time ago and when he visits he loves watching " Swimmy" any suggestions would be most helpfull.
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    I wouldn't get another shark. It will only divert his attention for a short time, but once the new shark (or "swimmy" if the new shark is bigger) has been bullied to death he will go right back to pestering the other fish. Red tail sharks, as you've learned, are HIGHLY aggressive and territorial. Unfortunately, if you want the bullying to stop with the other fish you really are going to have to get rid of him. Not sure if he is full grown at the moment but they can get up to 6" and have no problems pestering things larger than themselves. I've heard that the only really good tank mates for them are larger barbs...something that is also somewhat aggressive and can "put up a fight" so to speak. I had a friend who kept one in a 200g tank with a full grown oscar and the shark had the oscar cowering at one end of the tank until he got rid of it....very aggressive fish!
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    thanks for the reply. i kind of figured he would have to go but i thought someone had different results
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    Unfortunately I haven't heard of any exceptions to this. Just an aggressive fish.
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    Yes, different results in a different tank. There really are just so many variables that influence a fish's behavior. While many of them will fall in line for the species standard, fish are not robots and some will break the mold.