Prism's 20g Build

  1. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Hey there! Just recently I've bought a 20g long for a new experiences in the hobby. This month, (july 9 - aug 19) was a 'Dollar per a Gallon Sale' at petco. I snagged the aquarium, and started planning on the future qualities in this aquarium, along with this aquarium I bought a 20lb bag of larger gravel, driftwood, and mostly all, the aquarium top I was looking for was sold out, so I quickly purchased it online, I bought a light & filter as well. I will be researching some artificial plants, I have found quality plants but have not ordered them quiet yet, (links down below) When arrival I will post more pictures, and share with all the steps I'm going thru with this aquarium,

    The aquarium top I am talking about is a glass folding top found at most LPS's The light is separated from the top, like original aquariums, the light is mostly built into the top. I hope this comes in the mail safely, and no damages and gets here soon, because I'm very anxious to set this up!

    The filter I have in mind is a sort of sponge filter, It filtrations 250gph that seems reasonable for a amphibians aquarium, plus the size of aquarium. It has 3 settings of filtration, it seems experiencing and advanced. ' Go Big, or Go Home ' The filter should be arriving sometime saturday.
    ( : Exo Terra Flo 250, Complete Internal Filter : Aquarium Filters : Pet Supplies )

    The light I am talking about is used for our 31g maintained by @Fanatic, you may of seen pictures of it, if so link will be down below to one of his threads, I think it is a very advanced and easy to use. ( ( Fanatic's 31g ) As you can see in the pictures it lights up the place, very well.

    Also, I am planning on getting floating plants, any recommendations in the best living floating plants? I've heard about duckweed is good, do you have any other recommendations? I almost forgot to mention whats going into this tank? You must be wondering since I clued on that it is an amphibian, but witch one?!? I am planning on getting Eastern Newts, how much? Thank you for any of the advice you give about this tank, and your time viewing this thread!
  2. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Forgot to add my photos! I will update you on everything new, and whats going on with the tank.

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  3. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Hi Prism,

    I've found salvinia to be a nice floating plant for most aquariums. Dwarf Water Lettuce, and Water Sprite are also nice choices.
    As for your newts, you could easily do 3 efts in a 10 gallon, but since you have a 20g, you could/can keep 6 efts. 2-4 adults is a nice number as well.

  4. DHIWZ Member Member

    Regarding floating plants, I'd be careful of duckweed as it's really hard to remove and can choke out the rest of your plants and animals if you're not careful. I prefer Amazon Frogbit myself since it's a little bigger and easier to remove.
  5. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Ah, I see! Thank you for the advice, It will be very helpful while I'm developing my aquarium. ;)

    Thanks all for the advice given, I respect the time given to read this forum.
  6. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Newt tanks are actually referred to as Herpitariums.
  7. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys! I got my filter, and I am running the tank, I have a question? My grapewood floats, right now I'm keeping a rock on it, until it water lodges. Also my plants should be arriving here today, I will send pictures soon!
  8. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Grapewood is NOTORIOUS for floating lol; ive seen people boil/soak the living life out of it and it still floats, so you may have to subtly attach it to a rock so it'll stay down. Just be wary that grapewood isn't good long term, they're super prone to getting that slimy fungus and rotting fairly quickly :)

    (and yay for pics and plants!)
  9. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Ah, my grapewood has been going a slimish, something. So I will be returning it to my LFS.
  10. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys! I just got my plants an hour ago, and set my tank up. Soon I will be getting a new piece of driftwood, (what kind?) I was maybe thinking Spiderwood? Does spiderwood release tannins? Thanks.

    (ps - sorry for the picture quality)

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  11. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Hey ya'll! I returned my driftwood, now I will be getting a new one, but different type. Recommendations? I recently got some betta buddies, and added 2 to my tank, and kept 1 with my betta. I will be taking a vacation to Mexico here in August, so I will not be cycling it until I get back home. :D I'll keep ya'll updated as much as I can. :)
  12. Prism Well Known Member Member

    I have a question, how will I keep my tank cool? @KinsKicks
  13. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    If it's very hot, you'll most likely want to aim a fan across the top to have to skim the surface and create the surface agitation and introduce cooler air. But this should drop is a couple of degrees. It's a bit easier as you have a long tank where there's a shorter height and increased surface area

    How hot will the tank become?
  14. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Usually 79F.
  15. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    The fan should help, but you can freeze a couple of water bottles over night and slowly rotate them; it might take some practice to figure out when to rotate and how much you need, plus watching the temperature to make sure it doesn't drop too quickly, but it should Be just fine :)
  16. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Got some dritwood! (updates on my tank) Soaking it for how long it takes to get clear!

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  17. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Haven't posted on this thread in a while, but I have some sad news. I won't be doing newts do to the temperature ranges...
    I'm going to keep my betta in there along with some sterbai cory, or some kulhi loach.
  18. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Ahhhh :(. I'm sorry. least you can have a pretty new 20g what I'm sure your Betta will appreciate the big new home!
  19. toolman Well Known Member Member

    And corys can be a very interesting fish to keep. @KinsKicks has more experience with bettas than I do but I think they are one of the few fish that can be kept with a betta.