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    Ok, I see quite a few people asking about prime and how it works. I've posted something on this in the past and figured I would add it here with a more detailed explination.

    Chemical reactions in the water dont stay the same way for long, Natural ammonia is NH3 While ammonium is NH4 (H+ + NH3 = NH+4) The degree to which ammonia forms the ammonium ion depends on the pH of the solution. If the pH is low (there is a high concentration of hydronium ions), the equilibrium shifts to the right: more ammonia molecules are protonated into ammonium ions. If the pH is high (the concentration of hydronium ions is low), the equilibrium shifts to the left: the hydroxide ion abstracts a proton from the ammonium ion, generating ammonia. So Prime basicly has a high level of Bronsted bases Which add more hydronium ions into the water a Bronsted base is anything that donates protons to change the ammonia into ammonium by makeing the hydronium which causes the reaction but hydronium ions are not stable and once those break the ammonium is converted back to ammonia. Which judging from the Prime corp that time is roughly 24 hours.

    Bronsted- In chemistry, the Bronsted-Lowry theory is an acid-base theory, proposed independently by Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted and Thomas Martin Lowry in 1923. In this system, Bronsted acids and Bronsted bases are defined, by which an acid is a molecule or ion that is able to lose, or "donate" a hydrogen cation (proton, H+), and a base is a species with the ability to gain or "accept" a hydrogen cation (proton) (sited from Wikipedia, double checked by my AP chem

    I hope this helps sort out some of the confusion of the Seachem product Prime. Seachem also gives the same general explination on their site.  

    Also, some of the ammonium will be comsumed by the bacterial. But then the chemical bonds will break and you have ammonia in the tank, plus what ever else ammonia formed while this was happening. So you add a little bit more at the moment the reaction stops. But not much is added Prime is safe for 24hours. Then you do a 10-25% water change and add more prime to your tank. (if your cycling) If not then just add it with every water change.
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    I read the link you provided about this earlier. Very interesting.
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    Thank you Meenu, I added what you pointed out to the blog. Thank you for that :)
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    well done furallicah, very nice explanation. Its amazing how much AP chem can help with aquarium chemistry, so many of the same concepts
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    I know lol. I've talked to both my AP Chem teacher and my AP Bio teachers about my fish and things that intrest me with the water chemistry or their general anatomy. I'm very thankful for having them they are the best you can get. I can't wait until I get into more advanced chemistry and biology, I want to apply it to my fish as much as possible....I think I should be a marine biologist....I swear lol. Thank you though.
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    They are fascinating and the more you know about them the better you can care for them. Maybe you could get a job working for one of those public aquariums? Kinda like extreme MTS but with someone elses money :)
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    Lol good one. Maybe...I was at petsmart today, and a lady was helping a customer and telling them . She tried getting them to buy top fin bacterial additive, and topfin water conditioner. After she left I spoke with the man telling him to get a bottle of Prime, and to go to petpartners and get some TSS. He was sitting up a new tank. He thanked me when we got done talking and I saw him leaving with what I suggested. I felt good. And yet I cant get hired at any LFS!!!....GRRRRRRR...I've applied to petsmart several times sence last Fall...and not even an interview....*sigh*
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    haha atta boy, telling off the ppl just trying to take someones money without really giving them good advice. Tough luck with the applications though, maybe they have your picture in a back room at petsmart cause of all the customers youve scared off :D
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    Rofl...Well there was this one time I did get a little mad at the "fish area manager" Because they were telling a couple they could keep and Oranda goldfish in a 5gal tank its entire that I did get quite angry and did let it slip out a little. But I've applied to the other two that are in my area...but maybe your right they probely do have a picture of me in the back....:( lol
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    well Im sure it would be fine in five gallons for its whole 2 week life!

    "fish area manager"... sounds menacing.... Im surprised you can still even buy fish! but then again the "fish" in front of area manager kinda makes me doubt his actual authority :p
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    if you have a car and your parents would let you go into peoples' homes, maybe you could maintain fish tanks... LFSs may throw some business at you if they don't offer the service, as I'm sure they get requests often.

    But I don't know, maybe too dangerous?
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