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Lonely Angel
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Mostly everyone on here seems to recommend Prime as the water conditioner, but I've never seen anyone explain why it's superior to other brands. I use AquaSafe because Prime isn't available locally, but if there really is a big difference I don't mind ordering the Prime online.

So can someone please explain what the benefits of Prime are compared to other products. Thank you.

Also, my water is from a private well, so there really isn't much "bad" in the water to begin with.
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I think the conditioner u use should be fine. if i'm not mistaken the benefits of prime is that it makes ammonia (and nitrites?) non toxic to your fish. I think it works like stress coat. I use stress coat even though I tried prime before and it works fine but for some reason I happen to think that my fish like stress coat much better (it might just be in my mind). also when sometimes your fish are sick it can help heal ( I think) and when you are cycling with fish it is great to use but still I think is just as good as stress coat.
someone correct me if i'm wrong cuz i'm not 100% sure.
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From the research I've have done, it really seems like Prime get's great reviews for a very simple reason: lot's of people here have used it and really like it. With reviews like that, it will be popular! If you get good results from your conditioner, it should be fine. I use AmQuel right now and have been very happy with it so far.

I use AmQuel instead of Prime because I am using live bacteria to cycle my tank and Prime can kill them (I have read) whereas AmQuel will not. That's it! Use what works best for your water, your fish, and your tank(s). If you're lost though, Prime would be a good place to start.

Hope that helps!
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I agree with tz....its a matter of preference and prime hasnt ever failed me so I stick with it..why fix something that isn't broke ;D
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Pretty much what everyone said. I started with aquasafe and the only thing I can say about it is, its nice to use with bio-spira (exactly what tzqng8 said about the prime). I switched to prime mostly because you get just as much use out of a small bottle of prime as you would a huge bottle of aquasafe.

Prime does have a bonus feature that is very useful in emergencies with nitrites, ammonia, and/or chlorine by use of upping the dosage.
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Prime's benefits:
- It's concentrated, so 1-2 drops treats a gallon.
- It handles chlorine & chloramines.
- It handles heavy metals.
- It enhances slime coating.
- It locks ammonia, nitrites and nitrates for about a day.
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I haven't seen Prime at LFSs in Santo Domingo. Is Prime like a combination of EasyBalance + AquaSafe? or more like ChlorXchange + Ammquel?

I've been using ChlorXchange, Stress-Zyme, Stress-Coat, and AquaSafe (alternatively, not at the same time). They all seem to work the same for chlorine/chloramine removal.

As for locking up ammonia or keeping it safe, I rely on the biological filtration (isn't that what we cycle for?) at least weekly partial water changes with substrate vacuum, avoid overfeeding, and real plants (at least for low nitrates).

So far the only times ammonia and/or nitrites have risen (not spiked, fortunately) has been due to dead apple snails and stuck in the filter intake of freeze dried JumboShrimp (formerly Tetra Krill-E) debris.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo
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Prime is it's own separate product. All of our tanks are cycled, but Prime can help if there are ever unexpected spikes. It's a great conditioner, even without considering it's interaction with the nitrogen-toxins.
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So Prime would help buy some time (e.g. while figuring out what went wrong, or in case I'm not able to perform immediate partial water change) if ammonia or nitrites begin to rise/spike?

Is that what this product does, besides chlorine/chloramine removal?

Santo Domingo
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Yea, it does help that way and I wouldn't do a cycle on a tank with fish without it. It's been great for the times we brought home a bunch of Bettas, not even having tanks for them yet.

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