Price for a 30 gallon?


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I've always wanted a saltwater tank but I've never had the cash or knowledge to do so. I was really interested, though, to set-up a 30 gallon as somewhat of a show tank for clownfish. I saw a GREAT tank and it was almost entirely black with white coral - the contrast looked great. Now, I know enough to maintain it and set it for the fish - but I have no idea about the specifics of what I need and how much it would cost. Basically, how much would it cost and what exactly would I need? It will probably be just clownfish and it won't likely have any live coral.


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it depends on whether or not you have live Rock..?  that's the same idea I had...I want a 29 gallon tank with about 16lbs of Live rock...with two clown fish....(if you buy them young they are both males but one will turn into female as they get older) you'll need everything that you have for freshwater plus: protein skimmer (especially if you have live rock).  They recommend live rock because it is a biological filter.  It makes it easier on you and you mechanical filter...300 minimum with walmart 30 gallon tank. and if you shop around for won't be too bad...but water changes will get expensive....aquarium salt every time you change the water. Hydrometer too...measures salinity in water.


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what system are u setting up?

fish only? fish only with live rock? or reef?

Reef tanks are hella expensive but very soothing on the eyes because the lights for corals can get costly... small protein skimmers run around $100. 16lbs of live rock would be about $40-$100 depending on the grade and where you buy it. Sand would be about $20. Heater about $20. Lights for corals would depend on the corals you want... some stony corals need up to 8wpg FawK!!!... The lights for a reef tank of 29G would be like hmm $100-$200 depending on the corals you want.


Lights for corals 100-200
TestKIt- $40

A total of around 350-450 plus the cost of tank and stand and canopy and fish... 2 clownfish would be about $15 each depending on the type / size of clown you want.

The tank you want would be w/o coral? Then your cost would be

Protein Skimmer- $100 (varies)
Live rock- $40 (look on ebay for GREAT deals)
Tank- Acrylic- $150
Glass- $60
Stand- $50-$100
Lights- for fish only won't be too much idk an exact number but prolly around $40
Sand- $20
Air Pumps/ Powerheads- Not much
Clowns- $30
Optional Anemone for clowns (reccomended)- $30 (I reccomend a bubble tip which will be $30-$50)

You looking at at least $250-$300... close to $200 if you don't need a stand... you also need a testing kit and salt... AND you need an R/O filter and possibly a DI filter which would run you $100 for the R/O...

Hella expensive huh? look around you can get good deals but it will be expensive

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