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Ok, so my black lyretail molly had her very first batch of fry on july 12th, and she is starting to get that boxed out shape but I haven't noticed her not eating or having any other signs of birth. But I'm a little confused because most websites say that after they drop fry it'll be another month before they do it again and well its been longer than a month, but I have a breeding tank should I put her in it?


If you have plants don't because it'll likely stress her out and cause her to not have fry at all!


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I believe what Masaicguppy is trying to say that if your tank is heavily planted, the fry will have places to hide and that moving the fish may cause stress and the mother could abort the fry.

However, this is a risk you take and depends on how badly you want to save the fry. If the mother is in a community tank and you want to save all of the fry, I recommend you move her to the breeding tank as long as the breeding tank is cycled, heated and filtered and you feel the time is near. Check your pH levels and temperatures between the two tanks and make sure they are as close as possible to minimize the stress.

Live bearers give birth every 28 to 40 days, possibly even every 20 to 40 days.

Use your best judgment.



put her in the breeding tank. If she is in a community tank now, then a breeding tank is always a better option. The stress of moving from one tank to another is mitigated by the need to keep the fry safe, also, a breeding tank is a much more peaceful environment to give birth than a community tank could ever be.

I think another thing that happens is that they don't impregnate themselves immediately after they drop their last batch, they seem to have some sort of control over this, at least as far as I can tell they do.


Yes! thanks Ken!
Sometimes I don't explain things clearly, but right on!
I think adding hiding spots is the way to go!
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my mollies have babys all the time I just leave them alone and the fry seem always be ok.
keep lots of plants and places for them to hide.
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