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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by jjc09, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. jjc09New MemberMember

    My tank is currently having alot of issues. I'm treating the tank with ick, doing partial water changes everyday and adding a tablet of ick clear. My 3 gouramis have very red fin bases meaning there must be some disease going on. I have a small white one that I still don't know if its a molly or platy and it breathes very rapidly with its mouth open. Now all of a sudden I notice that one of my female swordfish is heavily pregnant. Btw this female was the one who I first noticed of the whole ick issue. I have a small separation net where currently there is one baby swordfish (used to have 3 but hes (or she's) the only one left), maybe almost 1 inch long like around 0.7 or 0.8, so its pretty much bigger than the rest of the fry and can potentially eat them.

    Where do I begin? I can put the pregnant swordtail in any container but I'm afraid I have no more filters or anything else that isn't a recipient or clean water.
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    Welcome to Fishlore!

    I would advise not to give any meds as from experiences of other members here, it hardly works. What other members advise is if you have your own tank heater, you can raise the temperature to 85-88 degrees for a week or so or until your fish are alright. Here's a link you may find helpful. Best of luck! :;hf
  3. jjc09New MemberMember

    oh btw the ick is viisbly gone but then i see al these hemoragic septicemia thats due to bacteria and stuff so how just keeping the temperature up gonna solve anyting? If something happens with 30˚c is that bacteria blooms more than ever. It's not that simple.

    gosh what a biigggg mess was today, its 3 am I still have pending homework from architecture to finish my final. have to wake up pretty soon, mistakenly broke the heater thank god the woman sold me 2 when I bought them, now the filter doesnt work, and now after i did the 50% water change I dont remember if i added antichlorine drops to the second bucket of water. Is it ok to add it straight to the tank although maybe I did add them before? WOuldnt that cause some sort of overdose. Probably I did but I really can't remember, I just remember filling it once (btw 20 gallon tank, 50% water change = 2 full 5 gal. buckets... of which I just remember adding antichlorine to one!!!) HELP ASAP

    Can't take it no more if they re alive until morning they re going straight back to the lfs :(
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  4. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello JJC and Welcome to Fish Lore.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having difficulties with your tank.

    I have a feeling your tank isn't cycled or either you're experiencing a mini cycle or possibly that the medications you've used has destroyed the cycle.

    Can you post your readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, ph? Your profile says you are aware of the nitrogen cycle.

    Septicemia is usually cause by poor water conditions. I recommend daily 30 to 50% water changes until you have readings of 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and under 20 nitrates. Add some Prime or Amquel + to detox any ammonia for a 24 hour period until it's time for the next water change.

    Ich can be treated without medications if its caught early enough. I only recommend medications in severe cases. You can increase the temperature in the tank to 85 or 86 degrees and leave there for a full two weeks. The higher temperatures interrupts the ICH life cycle and it dies off. Do two gravel vacuums each week to remove the spores that fall off the fish and into the substrate. Higher water temperatures require more oxygen so an air stone/supply line should be added if you aren't currently using one.

    If you don't think you've removed the chlorine from each bucket of water then add enough chlorine remover to treat the entire tank.

    Bacterial blooms will eventually go away on their own via water changes, gravel vacuums, not over feeding your fish and you can add an air stone if you aren't currently using one.

    Best wishes! I hope you don't give up the hobby completely. I know it can be frustrating for beginners but it will get easier!

  5. jjc09New MemberMember

    The thing is, I have alot of other stuff that I need to focus, and I don't work, Im actually a teenager and have an alowance, all of which has been depleted, having even dificulty buying my project materials. I can't just keep on buying meds and more stuff, and neither I or anyone in the household has time to treat for sick fish. Clearly the gouramis have very red fins and they have tehm very attached to their bodies so its 100% clear that theyre slowly dying. If I return them to the store theyll just die anyways and kill the other fish.
  6. jjc09New MemberMember

    What ill do is keep the water at aa constant 30c, and do 50% water changes with the vacuum cleaner. No feeding I guess. Btw I dont have an amonia readking kit.

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