Pregnant shrimp


So I have a pregnant shrimp. She's in a community tank. There's a nice login there, and lots of spots to hide when she wants, where she can't be bothered. But I'm looking for Suggestions on what to do? I've been told just let nature take its course and the fish will just eat the babies and will be a nutritious snack. Others have said to setup another small tank for them to successfully grow big enough to re introduce to the community tank or possibly just donate the babies that make it.


When I had a pregnant shrimp, I just kept her in the main tank. My tank had many hiding spots, and some of the shrimp fry grew to a decent size. I fed them Hikari First Bites that floated down to the bottom. However, I am pretty sure at least some of them got eaten by the fish in there.


Biggest question I have, is what do you want do? Really only two realistic scenarios - you want to raise shrimp, so you pull her out for a shrimp only tank, and two years down the road you will have a dozen shrimp tanks and be entirely hooked on the little buggers. Second, leave her in the community tank and things even out, some might make it and they could set up a small little colony in there. I am guessing you already have multiple shrimp in the community tank if she's berried?


I probably won't take her out, at least not this time. Shrimps are sensitive to changes, so introducing her to a new environment could cause her to drop her eggs. Let her give birth to this batch while setting up a new tank. When the new tank is cycled and stable, then you can bring a few shrimps over, maybe even a few baby shrimps if you can spot them.

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