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Discussion in 'Platy' started by bbwdlphnd2008, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. bbwdlphnd2008New MemberMember

    Hi I hope someone can help me I have a blue platy have had her since January she was real small when I first got her and then she started gettin biggger and bigger so I figured she was pregnant. which i was right but she got trapped inside the castle in our tank so i figured from the stress of being trapped she may have aborted the fry but then about 2 weeks ago I found 1 fry in the tank but before I could get it out it disappeared but then last night my daughter found ! so i got that 1 into the breeder net that i have but she has not had nemore and I have been checking on her all night and have not found anymore is it common for them to only have 1 fry or did I just loose them all again this is really buggin me this is the second time I have only found 1 but I made sure I got this ! before they did
    I am attatching a couple of pics first 2 are her when i first got her and the second 2 are of her from this morning

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  2. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    Livebearers will almost always eat their young. It could very well be that she had several fry, but her or any other fish big enough ate them. I have found fry in my filter too, they can get sucked into it.

  3. jetajockeyFishlore VIPMember

    Yes definitely check the filter. If the fry don't have a somewhere to hide they will likely get eaten

  4. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    If you're interested in raising the fry:Now that you know she'll have fry, keep an eye on her, and, if possible, get a small tank to move her to, one with a sponge filter. I have a 14 gallon I move my pregnant mollies and platys to, and I watch them every day until I see the fry. Once I'm sure there aren't any more coming out, I put her back in the regular tank. I've had so many babies I've had to give them away. If no other tank available, provide plenty of hiding places for the fry, I've found that live floating plants are great for this, as are rocks with alot of holes in them, holes too small for adult fish to get into. Platys, Swordtails, Mollies, and other livebearers will almost always be pregnant, and if you give them a chance, they'll quickly overrun your tank.:)
  5. bbwdlphnd2008New MemberMember

    I have checked the filter and all the gravel and even moved the plants that I have and the castle and found no sign there was ever anymore than just the 1
  6. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    It could be that she only had the one, but it's more likely that the others were eaten.
  7. bbwdlphnd2008New MemberMember

    I dont have another established tank I have a 2.5 gallon and another 10 gallon tank that i am not using the dont have anything at all in them can I use water from the tank she is in to get another tank started for the fry? Im sorry if this sounds dumb but this my first tank since I was young real young.
  8. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    You can certainly use water from the established tank, or get the other tank running now, and it could be ready by the time she's ready to give birth again. I have several Mollie babies in a tank now and all the water from that came from my established 55 gallon, and they're thriving in it. It's dumb NOT to ask questions, never to ask them.:)
  9. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    Oh, and the 2.5 is too small
  10. bbwdlphnd2008New MemberMember

    ty for your help just one more question she still looks very big how long does it usualy take for them to have all of the fry she still hides in the corner under the plant and also in the floating log i have
  11. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    I'm not sure roughly how long it takes since I've never caught one of mine just starting,several babies were already out every time. I do know that they will give birth about every month, and this can happen even if there isn't a male around since they're capable of storing sperm for 3-6 months. I once witnessed my sailfin dalmatian molly let loose about 40 babies in a half hour, so I'm thinking it doesn't take long. She would be big if she ate all the babies. Are there any other fish in the tank?
  12. jetajockeyFishlore VIPMember

    The vast majority of beneficial bacteria lives on the hard surfaces in your tank, mostly in the filter where the most water flow is present, but also on decorations, gravel, etc. If you want to quickly cycle one of your other tanks, just transfer some of the media over to it to help it establish itself, just be sure to add a fish, or some other ammonia source. If you are adding a fish just keep a close eye on the water parameters until you are sure it is cycled. I wouldn't bother with old tank water, all you'd be transferring is nitrates, just go with new conditioned water. The 10 gallon would be best but they will be fine in a 2.5 as a temporary solution.
  13. bbwdlphnd2008New MemberMember

    yes i have 3 other platies a molly and a algea eater

    just to give you a little bit about what i have been going through since january when i started when I first started my tank i had 4 platies and I lost 1 of them cause when I first thought she was pregnant i put the breeder net in and it got trapped between the wall of the tank and the breeder net not sure how long it was trapped i found it when I got up in the morning for work but I found it floating 1 day after I freed it from being trapped. then about 3 1/2 weeks ago we bought 2 more platies a molly and the algea eater. everything was going great and 2 weeks ago I found 1 of the orinal platies i bought laying on the bottom of the tank. but i have been noticing the 2 platies that I just bought are very aggressive towards each other and the keep trying to get to the fry that I have in the breeder net the keep bumping into it and it looks like the 2 of them are fighting

    they are in the pic below i also have more pics in my album

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  14. NostrathomasNew MemberMember

    The fish I see in the pic is a male swordtail, and I don't know if it's common behavior for them, but I'm unable to keep 2 males in the same tank together without them fighting.

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