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Pregnant Platy??

Discussion in 'Platy' started by Willow22, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Willow22New MemberMember

    So my platy has been getting bigger since February and the Gravid spot popped out I’d say, 3 weeks ago. No sign of any fry at all.

    Any advice would be appreciated, I honestly don’t understand how she is able to hold them for this long.

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  2. CastleGrayskullValued MemberMember

    Platys normally carry for about 25 to 30 days. If this growth started 3 weeks ago and you have a male in with her (do you?) then you could see fry any day now.
  3. SarahMcGeeValued MemberMember

    She might have just been getting fat at first then got pregnant. If the tank isn't heated the pregnancy will take longer then in a warmer tank so that also factors into it. She looks pregnant but there is a chance she's just fat even with a gravid spot. I would guess you'll have fry fairly soon though.
  4. Willow22New MemberMember

    Placed a water heater in on the 15th April and She had her fry 2 days ago, early morning. I managed to rescue 3 from being eaten straight after they were born.
  5. SarahMcGeeValued MemberMember

    Mark it on your calendar and in roughly 4 weeks you should have more. Now that she's had fry it's much easier to predict when she'll give birth. Try to feed the tank several times a day starting after like 3 weeks and then since the adults are well feed they will be less likely to eat the babies once they're born.