Pregnant Platy?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by FishLady75, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Hey I have never raised platies before and have recently adopted 6 from a friend...all were kind of chubby when we got them about a month ago but all have slimmed down except one who looks kind of boxy to me and I'm just not sure if she is pregnant and ready to drop...she's 2-3 times bigger than the rest and I think I am seeing a dark gravid spot by her rear end, there is also a slightly bulging white area around her analfins and a few days ago she began staying away from all our other fish and chilling either in a corner behind a plant or sutting on the bottom of the tank...I do have a birthing/ fry tank that I have her in that is about 5.5 gallons and one side is hers and the other has about 10 guppy fry...can someone check out the pics and vids I upload and let me know their thoughts? Any help is appreciated.. 20180419_211024.jpg20180419_204428.jpg20180419_211020.jpg20180419_211026.jpg
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    Here is another set if photos 20180419_220220.jpg20180419_220220.jpg20180419_220218.jpg
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    Yup, that is a pregnant platy, and her size and behavior indicate that she is ready to give birth. Raising the fry should work basically like raising guppy fry. Since you seem to know how to do that, you should have no issues.
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    Thanks much...I used to breed mollies years ago and have a soft spotfor fish of all breeds...I'm hoping she drops soon and I'll be able to add her back to the community tank...