Pregnant Platy - Care Info. Needed

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    fishnewbie2 New Member Member

    I think my twin bar platy is pregnant. Can you guys tell?

    Theyre in a 20 gallon with 2 mollies, 3 zebra danios, 3 white tip rose tetras, 3 cherry barbs. Should i take out the pregnant platy and put her in a 5 gallon by herself? I have two filters on my 20 gallon so i can use one of them on the 5 gallon as well as fill it with water from the 20 gallon. Or should i wait until the fry are born and put the fry in the 5 gallon? This is the first time that my fish gets pregnant. Please Help

    Thank You

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    taylor9424 New Member Member

    Yes, she is definitely pregnant! :) I just recently got female platies and so far one has had fry. She only had 6 of them and I let her have them in the main tank. I woke up one morning and saw a baby perched on a plant and it was the cutest thing ever! Then I removed all of my adults and searched for more babies. They're tricky to find because they're tiny and good hiders, but it's possible! After I found mine, I put them in a floating breeder in the main tank.

    If I were you, I would let her birth in the main tank (because moving them while pregnant can stress them, causing them to absorb the fry or deliver prematurely). Right before she's close to giving birth, her stomach will kind of square off and look like this \___/ and she will develop a white dot near her bottom fin.

    My babies are about a week old today and they're doing great! I feed them crushed up flakes and they've grown enough to swim around more. Once they get big enough that they won't fit in the adults' mouths, I'll let them go :) Let me know if there's anything else you need to know!