Pregnant Or Obese? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by LindseyAquamarine, Jun 18, 2018.


Do you think they're

  1. Pregnant

  2. Overeating

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  1. LindseyAquamarine

    LindseyAquamarine New Member Member

    I need help figuring out if my two female platies are just pregnant or if I'm overfeeding them.

    There's a very good chance they're pregnant either way, but I'm trying to figure out if I need to cut down on how much food I give them.

    Currently feed them a decent pinch of flakes in the morning and another pinch at night, usually 8am and 10pm. I'll give them a couple blood worms every now and then as a treat.

    They eat all the flakes up within the "suggested" 2-3 minutes. That's why I've been giving them the decent sized pinch.

    They're just looking pretty bloated, and I don't want to find out too late that I've been overfeeding them. Thoughts??

    This is Cheeto, definitely the fatter of the two. She's starting to whiten a bit on her belly from stretching so much...

    This is Neptune. Not nearly as big in the stomach, but I kinda feel like she eats more than Cheeto (she will bully Cheeto and chase her away from the food).
  2. MrBryan723

    MrBryan723 Well Known Member Member

    They are always pregnant it seems.
  3. OP

    LindseyAquamarine New Member Member

    Yeah, but I'm trying to figure out if this is more than just pregnant. Like if on top of being pregnant they're eating too much.

    Wanted to add this photo; this is what I feed them and about how much per meal. Two meals a day.

    And like I said, it's eaten pretty quickly.

  4. MrBryan723

    MrBryan723 Well Known Member Member

    That's quite a bit for only 2 fish. You could probably split it in half per each feeding making that closer to the total amount you feed each day
  5. Mcasella

    Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    They are chesty, not pregnant chesty though (a female will box up but it is an even box down the chest and over the abdomen \_/ ← like that rather than the \_) they are expressing (there is no way to write out the slope they are expressing).).
    They are pregnant as well.

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