Pregnant Molly with brown scab thing on it's side?

Discussion in 'Molly' started by kuba1992, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. kuba1992Valued MemberMember

    Hey everone I go a white Molly that's pregnant that's like squared off that's gOing to pop soon but it now has a brown like weird spot in it's side?.. Idk y. Just noticed it today
  2. BennyBValued MemberMember

    Prepare it for birth anyway.
  3. acea091489Valued MemberMember

    I wish I knew. Try to add a couple of pics. I am sure their will be other members that can help you out.
  4. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

  5. kuba1992Valued MemberMember

    upper side of back nah its not a gravid spot its on the outside of it kinda peeling off idk... its been like 2 months since its soo SOO squared off..

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