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    Hi. I have 2 mollies, female and male. I've had both mollies for about 8 months now. The female has had a batch of fry already and I have already attempted to save all 25. However being new to this I failed. I did not wait long enough for them to get big enough to live with the rest of my fish. At the time I thought they were big enough, obviously not because they all got eaten up. Now I am assuming that the other is a male because the female keeps getting pregnant. Well, all other times she seems pregnant I try to watch and keep up with the timing so I can keep an eye out and separate her when she is ready to release so I can save the fry, but it seems as though she is not having them on a timely schedule-(well over 30 days) each time-(about 4 rounds!). Making it even more confusing she has like a white spot on her tummy and stuff keeps coming out but its not fry!!! Please help me understand......confused:;dk
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    Tank is a bit small but male will eat fry as soon as they hatch so my suggestion is soon as she gives fry separate fry from parents in a fry station this will help but I would get a bigger tank to do this a 10 G is to small of a tank to breed if that's what you would like to breed.
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    Hello Blessed1 and Welcome to Fish Lore.

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    Here is a link you may find helpful:

    Most live bearers give birth every 28 to 40 days. Keep in mind that water quality, stress, many different things can happen to delay the birth. pH can even play a role.

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    welcome to fishlore!
    she might be stressed