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    Ok i've never really had a hard time predicting when my live bearers are gonna give birth because they usually give birth less than 2 days when i put them in the breeding box. But one thing i've noticed about my pregnant platys is that their tummies dont get as big compared to other pics. These arent my fish but they're just examples.

    The pictures of other peoples pregnant platies i see would look like this, extremely extremely huge.

    but mine dont get as big as that, the biggest they'd go right before they give birth would be about this big,just that mine are boxier when they are giving birth.

    they never get super big, just wondering why o_O. And most of them were already pregnant from the pet shops, but strangely enough my live bearers don't get pregnant after they give birth even though there are males in the tank. Could be that the males are too young because they were originally fry from my other batches. they are about 1 inch big

    Though i do see one of my platies (that gave birth about a month ago) looking a little round, not sure if she's pregnant yet since her skin is too dark to see the gravid spot. But even if she is pregnant, i'd assume that its sperm that she's stored from her previous matings.
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    Good morning,

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    If you would, please post the link to the photos if possible and let the members look it up for themselves.


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    I haven't been keeping Platies long, only a few months, but they have given birth twice and mine haven't looked as large as the photos either. Just a little more 'square'. :)

    I've gotten batches of around a dozen, not sure if batch size is a factor?
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    Thank you IlikeFishes! :)

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    no problem aquarist48 :).

    well mine weren't as big but i usually got around 25-40. So i cant imagine how many fry they must have given birth to o_O. Probably a hundred?

    I was thinking maybe what could influence the number of fry your fish has is probably how healthy they are?