Pregnant/Ill?? Help

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Toby96, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Toby96New MemberMember

    Pregnant/Ill?? (PICTURES)

    One of my guppies is pregnant, she is huge now, I will try to upload a photo but new to this so may be hard.
    Last week she gave birth to 4 fry but due to a home move she stopped, stress I'm guessing.
    I've heard this is common in pregnant and stressed fish, but she seems to do next to no swimming, she sits at the bottom all the time and just wiggles about, at feeding time she doesn't seem to eat a lot, but she poops a ridiculous amount! Poop looks normal though.
    I have a good floating breeding tank for her to use.
    What should I do/expect?:;dk
    Here are some photos I took this morning, please tell me what you think?
    She is is the breeding tank as the males harass her while she sits at the bottom.:;thx

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  2. cherrybarbboiValued MemberMember

    hi toby welcome to fishlore! what you said is very possible. she could be stressed out. are her scales sticking out? is she pineconed? she may have dropsy if she is pineconed. a pic would be great
  3. Toby96New MemberMember

    Ok, will hopefully get one up by tomorrow, her scales don't seem to be sticking out, although her top fin seems as if it is alomost 'stuck' to her body? Can't really describe very well so will get a pic up soon
  4. Toby96New MemberMember

    Just looked up dropsy and it really doesnt seem like her, will post pics tomorrow.

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