Pregnant Guppy.

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Louise26, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Louise26New MemberMember

    My pregnant guppy is absolutely huge, she’s looks like she’s about to burst but she won’t drop her fry. She’s separated herself from the other fishes and she’s laying under a plant she also will not eat. Does that mean she’s ready to drop her fry or is something wrong?

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  2. CrazycoryfishladyWell Known MemberMember

    She could be stressed, bloated, ready to give birth soon, and maybe a bit pushed around by the other fishes when you aren't looking.
    That is a very nice plant, but if you plan on trying to get babies to survive you may want a few more in there for really good cover.

    Are there any other symptoms you noticed like funny scales? Fast breathing? Does she suddenly freak out for seemingly no reason?

    Sometimes females won't give birth for a long time until they finally can't hold it, or until they find good cover to hide and let the babies off.
    Some of my females will keep their babies for a while before letting them go, even though they're really big. But if I add some hair algae or more plants or hiding spaces then they happily give birth immediately.
    Sometimes even larger babies and males in the tanks will nip a females fins to push babies out of her.
    It's horrifying to watch and very stressful for her, so a lot of plants to hide in is so important.
    Mosses work well, so do algaes like hair algae which is considered a pest to many people, duckweed is an option for top cover which is also very helpful for fry.

    I would skip feeding time today since she does seem like she ate a bit much, and incorporate a bit of veggies into their diet aside from any pellets flakes or frozen meaty foods you feed.
    Such as peas or zucchini/cucumbers.
    It helps with digestion and provides a relief from constantly processed foods.

    Good luck with the fry!
  3. Louise26New MemberMember

    Unfortunately she has just passed. ☹️ Her fry were not fully developed they had eyes and that was about it, so I’m guessing she may have aborted them. She was perfectly fine yesterday and this morning she seemed a bit off, then just a minute ago I found her dead. I don’t know what went wrong.
  4. CrazycoryfishladyWell Known MemberMember

    Hmmm.... I'm not particularly sure what the cause of death was, but if she aborted her fry there may have been an immense amount of stress at one point before her passing, such as males or others harassing her to push babies out to snack on... But then you usually wouldn't see aborted fry that much unless they missed them.

    When was the last time you tested your tank water? And how many fish are in your __ gallon tank? (How many gallons?)
    There may be other problems at hand if she passed quickly.
    If you have your own test kit or strips you should test your water and do a little water change with a water conditioner.

    How many of your fish are male and female? Any other pregnant or chubby ones?
  5. Louise26New MemberMember

    I had 8 fishes in a 25litre tank, I had 2 males and 6 females, I did a water change yesterday because she was just staying at the top and I was told there could possibly be ammonia poisoning in the tank water, so I changed it immediately and she was fine after that, swimming about as usual. I don’t have any water test kits at the moment, I’ll be getting some soon. I had 2 other guppies that gave birth perfectly fine, unfortunately their fry got eaten though. So I don’t understand why she passed suddenly.
  6. CrazycoryfishladyWell Known MemberMember

    So... 6.6 gallons.. 8 fish.
    Now 7.
    Usually, the general "rule" is 1 fish per gallon, IF the tank has live plants that are really productive.
    I would agree, you could have a bit of ammonia in the water.

    Do you have any big petshops near you something like a petco or petsmart? They offer free water testing, but also will try to make you buy certain products you may not need.
    If you do have a bit of ammonia in your tank then you'll need something like prime to help the water become safe for the fish, and something like stability to help beneficial bacteria keep up with the poop load of the fish.

    You also might want to look at getting a bigger tank, or just keeping the males, or rehoming a male and 3 females, since that's a lot for a lightly planted 6.6 gallon tank.
    Especially since the more realistic rule for fishkeeping is more like 1 fish per 2 gallon, and then an inch per gallon after, so a 2-3 inch fish would need 3 gallons extra to any 10 gallon tank if you have fish in it already.

    Your guppies would probably be happiest in a bookself tank, something really long like this 12 gallon,
    Or in a 15 gallon (56l), or if you want more possibilites and babies to survive a 20 (75l) long.
    Petco eventually has dollar per gallon sales that include everything but the 5 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 15 gallon ?!?!? The heck? The 29 gallon think too...And anything above a 40 gallon I believe.
    So you could get a 20 gallon for 20 bucks, a heater and filter for about another 30, (and if you want a cheap light) a tube light casing for 15, and a set of two lights from walmart or somewhere for 6-13 bucks.
    It's a bit to save for, and kits are sometimes okay but also sometimes more expensive, with 20 gallons usually being talls (which is fine for guppies!) Are usually about 70-90 bucks for a kit, and a lot of people find they rather replace pieces of it than keep it all (filter, heater.. Lights.. Lid..)
    Then you also have to eventually get more plants, and substrate, sand is sometimes the cheapest, you can get a 50lb bag of whats called pool filter sand for about 10 dollars.

    I think you'd probably rather just a 10 (37l) or 15 (56l) gallon tank right now, and then maybe a 20 (75l) in the future, or a 29, or 30 gallon (113l) A 29 is a 20 long with 9 extra gallons above it.
    Or whatever measurements are closest to that lol