Pregnant Guppy

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Guppy_mumma, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Guppy_mummaNew MemberMember

    Sorry to jump on my guppy been pregnant about 28days 30days max an no babies yet but her spot is like a orange colour is that normal? Thanks

    Hi kinda new to the whole pregnant guppy situation.

    Had my guppy about 4 weeks when brought her the last af pet shop said she was pregnant and should have babies in 3week. Well she still ain’t had no babies and is big. Her spot has gone black/orange is this normal?

    Imy other guppy has babies didn’t even notice but she is fine. I’m just a tad concerned she maybe stressed. Water levels etc are all fine and checked daily. Was advised to give blood worms atm.

    Any one have any idea why it’s oranfe/red

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  2. emeraldkingWell Known MemberMember

    Well, although an average gestation of 4 weeks is normal, carrying fry for over a month does occur as well. And that's really no exception.
    Unless, the female starts to swim worse because of a too big belly it will time to worry. If she swims just fine, don't worry about it.
    And oh yes, as already mentioned above... stress or if she's just not feeling comfortable by any reason, she can hold it. And if she's way too stressed, she might absorb the fry. Absorbing does happen with all kinds of ovoviviparous livebearers in an overstressed situation.

    Changing color of the gravid spot has got to do with her mood or water parameters. In general not a real thing of concern.

  3. Guppy_mummaNew MemberMember

    Thank you for your reply :) she is swimming just not as much and is hiding more so hopefully not much longer.

  4. emeraldkingWell Known MemberMember

    Just replied to this in your other topic overhere...
  5. emeraldkingWell Known MemberMember

    Fingers crossed that she'll drop fry soon...
  6. BKabinaValued MemberMember

    What’s your tank temperature and are the lights on a lot? You might try leaving lights off As much as possible and as hard as it is try to keep you distance and keep any commotion to a minimum.
  7. Guppy_mummaNew MemberMember

    Temp is 26.... haven’t really had light on and only check them of a morning and evening
  8. BKabinaValued MemberMember

    That all sounds fine. Does she look like a box from the side?
    When my guppies are ready to deliver there body shape from the side looks like a box and they’ll get a small bulge at the vent. Usually when they looks like this they deliver with a day or two.
  9. Guppy_mummaNew MemberMember

    Yeah she look like a box from the side... noticed today she is hiding away in the plants a lot more. She is in rank on her own. Didn’t know about the bulge so will have a look this evening when I check her :) thank you
  10. BKabinaValued MemberMember

    You’re welcome. I’d say she about to drop.
  11. Guppy_mummaNew MemberMember

    Well I checked her before bed and found a baby in the tank so left her to be an went to bed. Woke up found more babies :)
  12. BKabinaValued MemberMember

  13. emeraldkingWell Known MemberMember


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