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Pregnant Guppies

  1. a

    abby:) Valued Member Member

    I have some guppies that i´m pretty sure are pregnant but I am trying to figure out how long it will be until they have fry. Thanks in advance

  2. j

    jenag145 Valued Member Member

    Do they have a gravid spot? It’ll be black or orange
  3. OP

    abby:) Valued Member Member

    yes its black
  4. Joelene

    Joelene New Member Member

    They will get kind of square looking on their belly. The gravid spot will be dark. They will hide a lot and more then likely not eat, even though some do. Their breathing will become more rapid and they will look kinda spaced out. At least this is what I observe of my guppies who are close to birthing their fry. I have a tank for fry. Whenever I notice one of my females is pregnant I move them to the fry tank so I dont have to worry about stressing them out whenit's time. It can kinda sneak up on you. Like over
    night or when you go out to run errands, lol. One thing I've learned is the babies will come when it's time. Good luck!