pregnant fish?????

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by fluffy_angel, Dec 4, 2005.

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    can someone please help me? I'm finding the "wonderful" internet not so wonderful!

    my 8 year old daughter was given a well established aquarium of 5 years, for her birthday, among the fish are 2 albino corys (roughly 3 years old) and over the last few weeks the abdomen of one of them has been getting fatter, is it getting ready to spawn? or just getting fatter?
    also we bought 4 zebra danios, 3 males and 1 female (ratio is a bit poor but they are happy, i didn't know the sex of them until i found some pics on the internet) the female also looks like she's pregnant, please can someone let me know about their breeding habits.
    we already had a male Dalmation molly and my daughter bought 2 females yesterday, they have settled in really well but I'm trying not to get excited about them having any fry because i know under stress they could abort, but just in case we get really lucky when will i know they are ready to give birth? how can i tell by looking at them how far along they are?
    some pictures of pregnant dalmation mollies would be really appreciated, some pics of corys and zebra danios that are due to spawn would be great too.
    we had a female guppy that got pregnant so after a few weeks i put her in a guppy breeding trap but she didn't like it and died so in future I'm leaving them put & hope i can get the fry before the other fish do, its all so exciting! they may be my daughter's but i can't help getting excited.
    we have some Malaysian trumpet snails and tonight we found 3 babies, yey!

    any help or advice will be really appreciated


    fluffy_angel ???
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    When my swordtail was pregnant I didnt put her into the breeding trap until she was actually giving birth so she didn't stress too much about being in their but concentrated on delivering babies also I was lucky she had them in th middle of the night so the lights were off reducing the stress.

    As to the other questions on the corys, I dont know but someone else around here will get back to you on that
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    thank you
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    The mollies when they are pregnant is obvious to tell as they'll be extremely fat and slightly square. Also when they are about to give birth they'll go off by themselves and will swim jerikly and sometimes sudden rapid bursts to try and get the babies out.

    Here's a link to what to do when your livebearer is pregnant. It applies to all livebearers not just swordtails & guppies.
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    Danios are egg scatterers. which means they will swim around scattering eggs and the males will come behind fertilizing them. they are also notorious egg eaters.
    As for Malaysian trumpet snails, they are live bearers also and once you see a few you will start seeing lots ;) They are excellant for keeping your substrate stirred(which is a good thing). If you get over loaded with snails just cut your feedings down and they will slow down. just some thoughts
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    boyzo complicated stuff!!!!!

    C W ??? :D