Pregnant Black Neon???


So a few months ago I picked up 9 black neon tetras and everything has been going well. A few weeks ago I noticed two of the tetras looked like they were eating to much and becoming bloated (All the others looked normal, I do the one minute rule with the food). Now both of these fish look like they are going to burst soon and it actually looks like I can see eggs inside those two fish. I know tetra are hard to breed and I'm not really interested in increasing my community numbers, so what should I do? Just leave the eggs when they lay them and let nature take its course? Do I need to buy a fry cage or would the java moss be enough for cover?


You'll likely never see fry, so you have nothing to worry about. The other fish in the tank will consume the eggs.


Since you do not want more fish, just let natural take it course.
I am pretty sure they will eat up all the eggs and the fry.

Black Neon Tetra is not that hard to breed but Neon Tetra is.
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