pregnant ADF?

  1. MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    I need to get a picture tomorrow but am wondering what the big difference is between a pregnant frog and one with dropsy/"balloon belly". I'm assuming she is prego because my pair have been going it at it for weeks now. She JUST blew up in the stomach today. Their diet is NO different. She has been eating just as much and acting the same. She just appears less active and the male is all over the place (more than normal). Other than the bloat, she looks fine, no discolorings or anything beyond that.
  2. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Can you post a pic?
    ADF's don't get pregnant. She'll thicken up a bit when carrying eggs but won't look bloated or 'pregnant'

  3. MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    she isn't as fat as i thought but definately "thickened" up in the mid region and the hind legs. Sort of like someone gaining 20-25lbs. she is moving a little more now. I think the angle I was looking at her yesterday made her look HUGE. Where she's been hanging out has made it tough for photos so I'll try later tonight after work.

    how do the eggs work? does she just drop them somewhere she thinks is safe? how long does she typically carry them for? and how many? i hear the offspring are hard to raise. would there be Any chance for survival if I left them in the tank?
  4. frogbreeder Well Known Member Member

    In order to get tadpoles, you'll need both a female and male frog. Your female might appear fatter because she is carrying eggs, or she might just be fat. If she is full of eggs and no male is present, her body will just resorb the eggs rather than expel them. If there is a mature male present, he will hug the female (called amplexus) to help expel the eggs, usually (one or a few) at a time. The male will also release milt (contains sperm), which will fertilize the eggs. If there are eggs, you will see them floating on the surface of the water. In order to raise the tadpoles, you'll need to remove the eggs from the main tank and put them in a small container or jar (see ADF Caresheet and ADF Tadpole Development Sticky Threads for further photos and directions). If the eggs are not removed, the parent frogs will eat just them. Good luck. - frogbreeder

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  5. frogbreeder Well Known Member Member

    These photos might help you determine whether or not your female is full of eggs. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to tell whether a female is carrying eggs, or is bloated, or is just fat. - frogbreeder

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  6. MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    like the pics by the way. she definately looks more like this. i am still at work and will try to get a photo when I get home before lights out. I also read somewhere (forgot where) that as the frogs mature they sort of "bulk" up in their legs and arms. Is there any truth to this? She sort of just got fatter overnight and all my stock is in the tank so she didn't eat anything. I'll look for the eggs at the top of the tank. What do they look like?
  7. MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    got some photos for ya!



    You can tell she's not HUGE. Due to her being so close to the light at the top of the tank you can see a color difference in her mid section. The 2nd picture, from the side, shows it better plus you can see that her stomach is more convex than wide. I think her arms and legs also got a little thicker. She has been sticking her head out of the water and looks like every once in awhile is trying to grab some air. What are your thoughts on this?

    Funny, when I came home I checked up on them and the male frog was swimming around underneath her croaking...and still is. :;frog2

  8. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    She looks ok to me :)
    ADF's will go up and take a quick gulp of air.
    Sometimes they'll hang at the top for a little while.
    Too much isn't a good thing though. Have you tested your water?
  9. Jancy Member Member

    She looks fine to me also but as Lucy mentioned, test your water to make sure all parameters are fine.
    You can also use a (new, never seen soap) turkey baster to lightly squirt around the gravel area to see if there are any eggs that are around. When my female lays eggs they are usually all over the tank, floating on top, down in the gravel, stuck to plants.
    If you do see some and they look fuzzy(fungus), remove them immediately and discard. Fertile eggs will be half brown/white.
    ADF's will also eat their eggs.
  10. MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    Couldn't actually see any eggs anywhere BUT I have terrible news! Last night after I came home from work I noticed my female frog was just chilling on the bottom of the tank and not swimming around. She looked a little whiter than normal so thought maybe she was just in the middle of shedding. I usually only catch the end of it once in awhile.

    I woke up this morning and she was belly side up on the bottom of the discoloring, no wounds, no obvious signs of infection/fungus. I have no idea. Water parameters have not really changed since the frogs have been in the tank, for months! Any speculations?
    My male has been croaking up a storm the past few days. Maybe he knew something was wrong and was worried? poor guy

  11. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    That's sad :( I'm sorry.
  12. frogbreeder Well Known Member Member

    I'm very sorry about your frog. Very sad. It's very difficult to know what caused it, especially when there were no outward signs of disease (appeared fine in the pictures you posted). Could have been anything from an infection to an intestinal blockage, or she might have already been ill when you purchased her. Many frog diseases have lengthy incubaion periods, some as long as two to three months. Also, many diseases are extremely contagious, so it will be necessary to keep a close eye on your remaining frog for signs of disease. Again, I'm very sorry. - frogbreeder