Prefilter Sponge on Protein Skimmer a good idea?

So I'm setting up my first FOWLR saltwater tank. 30 gallon with a 15 gallon sump. I have an internal protein skimmer I'm setting up and was curious if adding a sponge prefilter to the skimmer pumps input will prolong the life of the propeller by keeping any debris from getting in. I know that the overflow input sock catches most large debris but I'm curious if there would be any additional benefit or if it would negatively impact skimmer performance. Any opinions?
It will slow the flow to the skimmer as it clogs giving the skimmer irregular performance to say the least .
No sponge on the pump ..
I see no need for the skimmer prefilter. Only thing that would damage the impeller is sand or grit.

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