Pre-packaged Foods For Feeder Insects

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by ketafishie, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. ketafishie

    ketafishie New Member Member

    Hello everyone! I'm somewhat new to feeder insects for my fish but what I've done so far seems to have been met with pretty good success. I did find some feeder insects food in the reptile section of my lps but I'm not sure these would be suitable for fish. I'm seeing lots of homemade recipes but I was hoping for something I could pick up in store or online. I'll include a picture of the kind I was looking at buying. b92445dc5a90e65f7752a953f2707337.jpg 06eaaeb9cca31cfa6b29edecb056cb30.jpg
  2. MrBryan723

    MrBryan723 Well Known Member Member

    Aquatic insects and crustaceans typically eat algae and each other. I dont see why crushed up fish foods and algae wafers wouldn't work.
  3. OP

    ketafishie New Member Member

    I'm thinking flightless fruit flies in particular
  4. OP

    ketafishie New Member Member

  5. Alhana

    Alhana Valued Member Member

    I know the fruit flies in the store eat on a paste like object but I'm not 100% sure what it actually is. I would imagine something with a little sweetness since they are flies that are normally attracted to fruit. You could try crushed up fish food made into a paste and see if that helps. Do you happen to know the ingredients on the Repashy food?

    I can tell you that the crickets are just fine eating the fish flakes, you just have to supplement them with something that is moist so they get water (like a wet cotton ball, misting the cricket tank)

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