Praexoc Dwarf Rainbows With Neon Tetras

Ioana Dog

I have 12 preacox dwarf rainbows and 12 cories for my long 55 gallon that has 2 aquaclear 70 filters and 2 sponge filters. I also have 12 neon tetras in another tank and want to know if they can be added to the 55? Not sure if it’s too many fish or if I can mix the neon tetras in with the rainbows. I have a lot of plants in the tank as well.


Seems like it should work to me. The rainbows and Tetras should get along fine. And since none of the fish carry a heavy bioload I think you have plenty of filtration. But I am far from an expert so ...


Neons have such a small bioload that after you add them in, I would consider it well stocked and not add any more fish.

They should be fine with eachother.

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