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Discussion in 'Heaters' started by CreatureQueen, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Huge windstorm hit today unexpectedly. Knocked out the power at 7 this morning. Currently 11. I have a blanket over the tank to try and trap the heat in, and am stirring up the water every hour by filling a bucket with the tanks water and pouring it back in.
    Im worried about my fish, its a 45 planted with 3 baby angels a bany zigzag eel and 3 long fin barbs. Theres also a 3 inch pleco and a bamboo shrimp
    Heat is sitting at about 75 and hasnt gone down sonce 8 this morning. Is there anything else i can do? I just bought my eel and shrimp yesterday so this storm could've not come at a worse time. Theres no esitmated time currently for power, but last time i checked it was looking to be 4 pm.
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    Any air bubblers?
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    Sorry to hear that. I heard that there is a backup battery that you can use for your fish tank when the power goes out. Are you in NorCal cuz there are a lot of outages because of the winds?
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    Is your hot water electric? If you have gas hot water (or a gas stove to heat water), you could do small water changes with warmer water if needed. And it'll help keep your parameters stable, too.
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    No reason you couldn't use a UPS, normally used for computers. However you kinda need one first :) You dont need a 'special fish tank one' - just FYI :) I have read you should skip plugging in the heaters when you go this route however, they just use so much power they will drain the battery so fast, more important to keep your filter going :)
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    Thanks guys. Im from oregon and we had some heavy winds. My power was out for 18 hours. By the tine it came back on tempwas 73. Fish were a little pale at first but all survived and all made a fully recovery
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    Good, no aquarium crash.
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