Just wondering if anybody has any recomendations for the number of powerheads that should be used in a freshwater tropical aquarium? There is a lot of info out ther re marine aquariums,but I have not found any re freshwater aquariums.
I am setting up a 6x2x2ft freshwater aquarium and would like to know what would be the best recommendation for the number and strength of powerhead(s) for this size tank - as I have read that good water movement in the tank is important. Any ideas ???
I dunno, what kind of fish are you going to put in there? If they're from swift rivers or something, I'd say two or three powerheads just under the surface.
It depends on what type of envirionment you are trying to duplicate.

Fast mountain stream or the Amazon.

Powerheads are not required in freshwater tanks, but many fish appreciate the current they create. Many of your plecos love them. Fish like bettas don't. Powerheads are also used with undergravel filters. What kind of filtration do you have?
All my angels are in a 55 gal. tank with 2 sponge filters which provide hardly any current at all! I don't think they like a lot of current. Is that all you are keeping in the tank. If you are only gonna have angels in the tank, I'd say the powerheads are not necessary. And with canister filters along with a wet-dry, I doubt you need the powerheads at all.
I hav no idea wat powerheads r unless they r the things that blow water across the top in sw tanks but wat do they do and y r they important but I hav a I think 8 inch bubble wall in my 30 gallon tank and I hav 2 angels and a penguin biowheel 200 and my angels are fine but would that big bubble wall do the same thing as a powerhead

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