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  1. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    Any of y'all have them? I read on a different site that quite a few loach owners have powerheads just to create more current for their loaches to play in. Since loaches come from fast-flowing streams and stuff. I was thinking about getting one in a little while. I already have two filters running in the 10-gallon, which was a fluke, but the loaches seem to like it. And I've noticed with the loaches that they "gather" where I pour in the water during water changes. They play and dive in the powerful current of water coming from the bucket. I'd like to see that more often.
  2. DinoFishlore VIPMember

    Just make sure to leave an area where there is lesser current than the rest of the tank.
    Even loaches need to rest now and then.

  3. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    I see what you mean. I always have fun arranging the things in my tanks! :D