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    right. that's why i returned it when i realized how it works. and then i picked up a 20 dollar vac with a squeeze thing to start the suction.

    but my husband wants to figure out a way for the water to go directly into the tank from the faucet rather than having to dump buckets in. The catch is that we use RO water from a small tank, with a tiny little faucet. It was originally intended only for drinking usage.

    I'm going to show him your powerhead thing. Maybe he'll be inspired to invent something similar. Thanks! Oh, is a powerhead somethnng from a hardware store or a fish store?

    Sorry for hijacking the thread!

    Rather than taking that other guys thread here is some more on a powerhead mommybaby295.

    They are normally used for water movement, but there is an attachment that acts as a filter you can add to them. You can buy them from any fish place.



    And heres all the other pics for idea if you want them.


  2. Meenu

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    thanks a lot, brian. I really appreciate your help!
  3. OP

    btate617Well Known MemberMember

    No problem

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