Powerhead Shocks

  1. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    So, we have used powerheads (Hydor) that have been having problems with shocking us in and out of the tank. We have obviously removed them due to the fact that we have fish in the tank, but does anyone have any advice? It's not just one powerhead, it's pretty much all of them... we have two large ones and two small.

    Our tank has been without them for a few days now because we have been trying to figure out what's going on with them. Will it hurt the tank?
  2. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    Minor current wont affect the fish but obviously i wouldn't like it in my tank either, never had a hydor i thought they were good, reading this makes me think twice now about buying pre-owned. How long you had them?
  3. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    We have only had them for a couple of weeks. Initially they didn't do that, but when we unhooked them for a short time to clean out the tank, the re-booting must have done something. Or maybe we were just unaware at the time.
  4. Littlebudda Well Known Member Member

    They won't effect the fish as the tank is a sealed unit but if you touch the water you will earth the tank a hurt you and the fish
  5. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    I dont know then, can you not email hydor because thats what i would do, you can get a volt metre and check for electrical current in the water, do you know any mechanics or electricians you could borrow one off, id get nothing electrical in the tank but the power heads and send a pic of the tank and readings attached to the email to hydor. I just ordered a RW4 right then and i have a NEWA 2700 lph one its good.
  6. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    The problem is that we didn't initially buy the power heads. Ultimately, we went and bought new ones because our tank hadn't had any water movement for days. That resolved the issue.