Powerhead Questions

HI all, I have a couple of questions about powerheads.

Are their electrical cords submersible? Is there a rule for powerhead flow rate (like the rules for lighting - wpg, or for filtration - gph)? If so, what is that rule, and which flow rate would be best for my tank (75G, 48x18x20)? (I'll have an XP3 filter in that tank that pumps 350 gph.) Now, if I will have a filter that pumps 350 gph - shouldn't I also get a powerhead that pumps 350 gph? Or is the rule dependent on something else (if there is a rule)? Lastly, are there any powerheads with adjustable flow rates, or you just get what you get?

Thanks for help up front.
Well most cords as far as I'm aware of are fully submergible, greg has two and the cords are submergible, and yes I believe you are right, the pump rate must be as fast as your gph and the cheaper ones I know don't have a flow rate but the more expensive one's might but I doubt it.

Now, if I will have a filter that pumps 350 gph - shouldn't I also get a powerhead that pumps 350 gph?

What will the Powerhead be used for? If you have a filter pumping 350gph you shouldnt need a powerhead for anything really unless its attached to some kind of filter etc.
Yep the cords are submersible, I believe the powerheads are used just to move the water around so you don't have any dead spots so gph is not a factor. The filter gph is to make sure the water circulates through the filter media often enough to keep the beneficial bacteria fed with enough oxygen(so you BB can convert ammonia>Nitrite>Nitrate) and to filter solids from your water column.
Or if you run a sump and use a powerhead to push the water back up to the tank you need to have a more powerful powerhead than the amount of water is draining down otherwise you would have a mess.
That's correct Carol - that is what I have been told on Plant Geek, which is why I am getting a powerhead for this tank. 48" is quite a long tank and a canister filter has the intake and outflow tubes only at one end of the tank. So there is a possibility that the other half of the tank will not have the water circulated properly. It may even be the case that I will need 2 canister filters, one at each end of the tank. But for now, I am just getting one + a powerhead.

The reason I asked if the powerhead should be around 350gph is for a more uniform water circulation.

P.S. Thanks all of you for the replies.
I think just as long as the water is stirred it will be fine. I have two HOB filters, one at each end on my 75G and that works fine. One of them flows a little gentler than the other so the angels hang out more at that half of the tank. I need the two filters because I have some large waste producers in that tank
The reason I don't want too much filtration is because of plants (I'll have many of them) - I am afraid too much filtration may remove nutrients from the water that are needed for plants. That is why for now I'll get just one XP3 or Eheim2028 + a powerhead. If there will be such need, I'll replace the powerhead with another filter in the future.

P.S. So the flow rate of the powerhead does not matter too much? Or should I get something close to 350 gph (or whatever the flow rate of a powerhead is measured in)?
I don't think the powerhead flow rate really matters. Your plan sounds good Isabella I was just explaining why I have two filters instead of a filter and a powerhead or some other means to stir the water
I say get the tank and filter, set it up, then judge to see if you need more circulation, then go and buy one that you think would be suitable depening on the actual circulation and your choice of inhabitants etc. Otherwise you might waste your money on something you don't need.
Yup that's good logic J-man, also the gph I believe will make a stronger current the higher it is, so if you just want a little circulation you would only need to get a smaller one.
Thanks J-Man. You are right. Maybe I shouldn't get a powerhead so quickly. I'll just get the filter at the start, then will judge if any powerhead is necessary. Thanks

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