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Hello, this year will be my first time trying out a simple backyard pond. I got a 50 gallon container and once all the snow melts completely I will begin the digging/scaping, very excited

However, I have a potentially dumb question that I haven't been able to google properly. My 2 ideas for filtration right now are either a large sponge filter with an air pump or a diy planter full of media above the pond with a powerhead or a pump to drive water into it and then cascade back down into the pond. So the question is, how do people get power to their pond pumps?!

I have an outside plug, you know the special one that can get wet and all that. So I was going to run an extension to my backyard shed, set an air pump in the shed so it's quiet and DRY and then run a long-ish air tube to the pond. The distances are very short here, the extension would be around.. idk 10 meters? Air line maybe 5 meters. And as for the powerhead/pump I have no idea how to power it, can the power plug get wet? Do you hide the plug somewhere so it doesn't get wet? I just have no idea and the pond won't be close enough to the shed so I could have the plug inside it.

I have watched a bunch of diy backyard pond videos, but everyone just brushes past the pump/powerhead without explaining how they get power to it, ****, am I just missing something obvious here?

Any tips would be appreciated!


there are outdoor pond pumps and extension cords for outdoor use that can get wet.
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Thanks for the reply. Well most videos or guides for small ponds i've seen used regular old small aquarium pumps. I know that outdoor extensions can get wet, but I was worried about.. where the pump would plug in.. i'm not sure what it's called, the plug connection.

Anyway, I didn't know this existed, or that you can just put some good tape around the connection and be done with it. Now I know.

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