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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by mrgso, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. mrgso

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    I had no idea where to put this so I'm putting it here. :( (hopefully it's right.)
    We're in the middle of a snowstorm and the power's been flickering on and off. it went off for about 5 minutes and came back but is still flickering. (seems like there is a branch pulling on a wire or something.

    It's almost 1am (obviously nothing's open) and we have a 10gallon guppy tank, 2 gallon betta tank, and 2 crested geckos (not to mention 7 humans) that may or may not end up with no heat.
    We do not have a generator.

    Anyone know any miracle cures? We wrapped the tanks in blankets. If the power does go out the geckos should be able to push through it, the guppies might be super stressed but should survive (the house has good insulation and won't drop below 40 so with the blankets on they should be just at their absolute lowest possible temp.) I am however worried about the betta tank since it is so small. :(
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    The lower end of guppies natural temp preference is in the high 60's. They should be okay. To be honest, the 10 isn't a whole lot better than the 2 gallon tank as far as retaining heat. Most of my fish made it through 4 days without power after the hurricane - the temp dropped into the 50's. Including the betta, which is in a 5 gallon.
  3. Butterfly

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    We just finished with that mess. Got 6 inches of snow and ice with the power out for 24 Hrs. My fish did fine, the temps dropped to 50F.
    The key was to bring the water temps back up slowly then do a water change.
    DO NOT FEED WHILE THE POWER IS OFF! This will keep from adding waste to the tank while the filters are off. They can go as long as a week without food without harm.

    The blankets are an excellent idea! The dark will also keep them more calm. If you had hand warmers you could put them in ziplock bags and drop them in the water although the steadily dropping temp might be less stressful than fluctuating temps.
    Keep us posted as to how you are doing please.
  4. Jaysee

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    Yes, do not feed! they likely won't eat anyway, and even if they do the excessive low temps can cause digestive problems. The fish won't need to eat - they won't be very active.
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    I had a similar situation a few weeks ago. During a snowstorm, my power blinked on and off for 2 hours, then was out for 2 full hours.
    I raised the temperature on my 29g a few degrees and when it was without power for 2 hours it only dropped back another 2 degrees. You could try turning up the heaters in your 10g and 2g now so the temperature won't drop as low when/if your power goes out.

    I would worry more about the guppies than the betta. Bettas are pretty hardy little guys and can survive in colder water, though it is not ideal. Many people are not even aware that bettas are tropical fish that require heaters.

    I hope all your fish make it through the storm! Best of luck!!
  6. ryanr

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    Too, it may be worth pulling the equipment out of the power point. The constant on/off can lead to burn-out of motors etc.

    If it were me, I'd pull the power, and let it ride through until power resumes constant supply. But then again, I've got a lot of equipment I'd rather not have to replace (especially on my reef tank)
  7. Jaysee

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    Thats a good point, not just for the fish tanks.....

    I have power outages all the time - had one while I was away for christmas. All my electrical things are on surge protectors.
  8. ryanr

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    And if you're using a HOB/Bio Wheel filter, be sure to keep that media wet!
  9. grfresconero

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    Now the 10g=50lt & 2g=10lt or so what do you heat your self with,
    I have gas heating water tubbing something like ducted and put the tank there ,when i don`t have power. does it help?
  10. OP

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    The power stayed on through the rest of the night and everything is ok. These are great tips that I will save for future reference though! Thanks for the help everyone. :) (I would have never thought of handwarmers in a million years! lol)
    @grfresconero- we're on electric heat (everything in the house is electric including heat, stove, water, etc. but we're renting and dont have much control over that.)so when the power goes out we just wrap up in blankets and are usually fine. I'm mildly amused by the fact that my first thought was SAVE THE PETS!!! and not oh we might end up without food, warm water, heat, etc. lol
  11. Jaysee

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    I have all electric too - if I lose it for more than a day, I have to sleep in the guest room because the water bed gets too cold :)
  12. grfresconero

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    You can use camping equipment ,
    use your imagination--- and it`s cheap. Se-ya next time.