Power Outage! Did I Handle It Properly?


Hello. As title says my family's home had a power outage. And id'd like to now if I handled it right.

First I pulled my media out of my HOB filterand put in the front of the intake. I pulled it out because when the filters off it drains all the water out of tjlhe filter into the tank. I also checked if my heater had broken.

I unpluggedeverything except the filter ( I have a back up filter) in case there was a power surge when the power came back. Looked for dead fish in case there was a shock of electricity l.

I also added a little prime and stress coat stuff.

When I stopped by the house the power was fixed it was out 2 hours.I plugged everything asap and put filter media back in the HOB filter.checked fish, and will test water parameters in a few hours.

Any advice for me if it happens again?


If it is that short of a power outage I wouldn't worry about moving the media (as there should be some water in the filter chamber to keep it wet). They can handle lack of filtration as long as they are kept stable-ly warm, a slow drop in temp won't be as stressful as a sudden drop. I wrapped my tanks in blankets to keep it from dropping too fast.
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Thanks for the advice


I don't worry about power outages unless they got over 8ish hours. At that point I add batter operated bubbles to my tanks with larger fish or when I'm running heavy stock levels also to those tanks. I also turn heaters down similar to what tank temps have dipped to so there's not a sudden swing in temps back up when power returns.
I have never pulled media unless power was to be out longer than 24 hours and I add bubbles to the media bucket and have wrapped cardboard and towels around tanks for extended outages as well. Luckily I've never been subject to power being out more than slightly over 48 hours and on both of those occasions all fish survived though a couple more sensitive ones were shaken for several days afterwards.

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