Power Head Issues (didnt Know Where Else To Put This) Question

Discussion in 'Air Pumps' started by Nickguy5467, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Nickguy5467

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    nott really a problem with the machinery of the power head, but has anyone had issue with the suction cups? mine really irritates me. i put my power head on left wall of my tank and the 2 left cups (left looking into the tank) always come undone and my power head is sagging down to tthe leftt. this annoys me to no end. anyway has anyone else had this issue and or why this happens? i see nothing wrong with them physically, just wondering if anyone has had this happen and knows what i can do. aside from gluing it to the glass. maybe buy new cups for it? not sure where i would gett tthose. but any help ill be happy to have

    ps . my keyboard has sticking issues. it happens so much now that i don't bother fixing them anymore
  2. Celestialpearl

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    My power head only has one suction cup. I have to be careful how I put it on. Best way to get it to stick is to drain the water level, wipe off the glass then stick it on. When I do that I actually have a hard time getting it off.

    I looked into getting another suction cup for mine, but the way it is made that would be impossible without going to the store and stealing one from a box. ( I don't recommend this btw :emoji_laughing:) The more permanent solution that would definitely work is siliconing it to the glass.
  3. OP

    Nickguy5467Well Known MemberMember

    ill try tthe dry metod =) thanks for the advice
  4. Skavatar

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    the suction cups on my Maxi jet hold perfectly, had it for about 5 months.
  5. OP

    Nickguy5467Well Known MemberMember

    its not even that they dont work. its that 2 of 4 of them. always the same 2. come undone and the powerhead slides down and or slants . seem to only retain original position for a day. . maybe its the water that gets behind the cups? though that doesnt explain why the other 2 hold very well. worth a try on dry glass like suggested. oh well
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  6. Islandvic

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    You may need s different brand of suction cups.

    Not all are made as well as others
  7. OP

    Nickguy5467Well Known MemberMember

    hope tthis is a solution. i put the power head on its side. the two fail cups aare on the bottom while the other on on top. so hopefully physics fix my problem

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