Power Filters and air pumps

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    moon317 Initiate Member

    Hey fish folks,
    I'm a total newbie (got the kid one of those little-bitty plastic tanks, but enjoyed it so much I've gotten myself a 10 gallon tank) Anyway, I've got one of those power filters, and it appears to aerate the tank, but I stuck one of those air pumps in anyway... is this overkill? Will the power filter alone do the job? Should I retire the little diver man with bubbles coming out of his head?  ;D


  2. c

    chris02_84 Member Member

    i don't think it really matters...the filter will do the job fine...but if you want the little diver with bubbles it's a cool addition.

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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Hi Moon! Welcome to FishLore! It's good to see the MTS (Multiple Tank Syndrome)is already hitting you and we don't try to cure that problem here! Your little diver is fine. I don't think you can overkill or hurt your fish with too much airation. ;)
  4. OP

    moon317 Initiate Member

    Thanks!!! The thought of putting my little diver guy on the same shelf as my chia-pet was getting me bummed out. :D

    You guys do a great job giving advice to us newbie knucklleheads.... Thanks again!