Power Distribution

  1. popsikle

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    So, I used to have one tank (20 gal, 2 common goldfish), on my dresser in our bedroom (wifey, son and I all shared a room for a few years) and then I got another small 8 gal (blue gourami, some tetra, otto cat) on a file cabinet, again in the bedroom.... Then we purchased a townhouse with a basement that was finished and we split it in half one side for toy room and one side for my office. I know im blabbering, but my office had plenty of space and well now im up to 2x20's, 2 x 10's, 1x8, 1x5, 2 misc sizes, etc. MTS set in hard once I had room for it to flourish lol.

    Now, on to my question, with all these tanks, and all this gear, how does one properly manage power distribution? I've managed ok for one section of my "fish room office" where each piece of equipment is labeled and cable managed and such (images of that attached) but the shelf to tank is messy and if I put some wiremesh or something I lose the ability to maintain a single piece of equipment without undoing a whole bundle. Suggestions (especially w/photos) welcomed!!


  2. TwoHedWlf

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    First thing I'd do is use power strips with individual switches. That way you don't have to unplug anything you just want to temporarily turn off.

    Also, you could use cord clips for each one, they just pop in and out.

    Alternatively, just put up a curtain and hide it all.