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    Hi all, I need some feedback regarding doses of liquid treatments for my plants. It is hard for me to pour these doses in there, I am so used to protecting what goes in them. I am using Fe Propel and Flourish according to the dosing on the bottle. I have only been using it once a month or so but the bottles say use it 3 times a week for Propel and daily or every other day for the Flourish. That seems like a lot of stuff to be pouring in my tank water... Will it really not affect the fish? In the 55 gallon tank I still have the black algae. It is sand bottom. The 29 g tank has gravel, both have live plants. How often do you guys use these? All advice appreciated. Here is what I dose... Fe Propel, 5cc in the 55 g. 2.9cc in the 29. For the Flourish, one capful in the 55 g. And 1/2 capful in the 29 g.

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    How heavily planted is your tank?

    Do you have any pics you can post?

    Mine is not heavily planted, but I only dose with my weekly water changes. If you keep an eye on your plants, you should be able to get a feel for their requirements after a while. It is kind of like houseplants; sometimes they don't need to be watered for a few extra days outside beyond their routine, sometimes they need water early. They can be a bit temperamental. You will learn how they communicate with you and tell you their needs.